How to Check Updates For Your iphone

How to Update Your iPhone

Although usually the updates of the iOS systems are automatically received as soon as they are available, it is possible that for some reason (a failure in the servers, to be without Internet at that moment, etc) we will not receive the notification automatically and we should look for updates manually.

How to Update Your iPhone

If this happens and we want to search if there is an update available for our iPhone, all we have to do is open the Settings> General menu and click on “Software update”.

The system will automatically connect with the iOS servers and will show us the version we have installed and if there are updates available to install. If there is a new version, we can download it and once it is saved on the device, install it when it is best for us.

The section “More information” will show us all the news of the new version. If we have enough space available we will start with the installation that will take several minutes.

Once the device is finished, it will restart and you will be ready to start using it, this time with the latest version of the software.

The problem of updating via Wi-Fi is that we need to have at least 2GB of free space on the device (1GB for the update and another to be able to apply it without problems). Although 64GB models, for example, will have no problems, some 16GB devices may be hard-pressed to update.

What if I do not have space on the iPhone to update iOS?

If we have bought an iPhone with little storage space or directly we have it full of photos, music and applications and we do not have storage space we have two options:

The first of them, obviously, is to free space by eliminating content inside our device until we have at least twice as much space as the installation occupies (you have to download the complete package and then install it). Once the installation is finished, we will have all the space available and we will be able to copy everything that we had deleted to our mobile.

The second option, much more archaic but practical, is to connect the mobile to the computer and look for the iOS update from iTunes. In this way the update is downloaded to the PC and applied from there to the iPhone. Although this method goes against the “cordless” philosophy that Steve Jobs alluded to in one of his last conferences, being able to update from iTunes is really useful for those who do not have too much free space on the iPhone.

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