Free and Paid Real Estate Applications [Android, iPhone and iPad]

Real Estate Applications: Today with good real estate photography applications we can direct thousands of views towards our real estate website and the service we have to offer within our specialty. In this case, the popular phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” is very close to reality.

Real Estate Applications

Let’s focus our efforts on capturing and maintaining those looks during the first 4 seconds in which a user or potential client decides if the image appeals to them and if so, continue reading the ad or article in question.

In addition, we play with technological advances in our favor. The new technologies have only helped the professional in his work to get quality photographs, worthy of being shown and capable of capturing the attention of our potential audience.

Currently, it is no longer necessary to be a professional photographer to take good snapshots for your website. Among the dozens of applications for real estate photography, we wanted to highlight the five that we believe may be more useful.

The Best Real Estate Applications [Android, iPhone, and iPad] to take Pictures

Real Estate Applications


It is one of the real estate applications for iPhone, which has the best filter options with thousands of different combinations and is also very easy to use. If capturing the perfect light and the most chromatic colors were never your forte, this photo application deserves proof.


It is available for the three main operating systems, iOS, Android and Windows and its main peculiarity is that it offers help to know the moment of the day in which the light will be more suitable for photography, depending on the exact place in which they want to take. It is one of the perfect real estate mobile applications to use in conjunction with the previous one.

360 Panorama

If an image “is worth more than a thousand words”, a video would be worth more than two thousand. On simple real estate applications to record videos, we will talk about future articles. Meanwhile, we invite you to try this one that will give an almost video aspect to your photo, with its panoramic format that will allow you to include all the parts of a room in a single image.

Camera +

At the moment it is only available for iOS (users of iPhone and iPad). It is perhaps one of the complete real estate agent applications, and one can almost say that it has nothing to envy to a real digital camera. From tactile focus and exposure, a stabilizer for shooting, timer, flashlight, digital zoom, synchronization with the cloud and a good range of optical effects, even very advanced editing systems.

The only drawback? It’s not free. Even so, the 2.69 euros it costs are worth it.


Designed for iOS, its main virtue is its integration with Dropbox, a storage service in the cloud that we will talk about later.

They say of the photos of this application that it is perhaps the next best thing to see a house in person. Its functionalities will allow you, among other things, to create collages with photos and create incredible “before and after” photos. What better way to attract attention?

And after trying these five real estate photography applications, you still have many other possibilities, among which are the cameras provided by the social networks of photo-sharing such as Instagram or Pinterest.

What do you think if you try these applications for real estate and tell us in the comments which is your favorite? We are waiting for your impressions!

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