Client must be pay minimum payable amount 150 per visit.
We are not provided the material If Client required that we have arranged the material then we purchase it on behalf of them. In this case client should pay total bill amount +transportation cost +our Service Charge.
Transportation cost applicable from both side (two ways)
Our service charge will be 30 per visit.
If customer will not pay full payment after completion of our service, we can get it by Court.
In case if you are not satisfied with our service, you can complaint about it, we resolve it but you are not liable to any deduction in our bill.
Customer will not pay any amount to our technician or manpower in name of advance, tea, food. In case if any one demanded money please get a confirmation from our customer care number and pay after a verification on mail from company,Otherwise company will not to take it consider in Bill.So, kindly requested to you no payment will make without invoice/Bill.
For a security of you and your family we hire only those staff which having no criminal record, but in case if any staff is making any problem then please inform us on call or on email otherwise company will not take any responsibility of it, we consider it, it’s done by your personal reason.